UPick Cherries

Welcome to Rosedale UPick.  We are a small family farm offering UPick cherries, peaches and apricots.  We are located in the beautiful Mosier Valley – about an hour from Portland.

    • CLOSED FOR 2024 (Last day Tuesday July 16th)
    • The heat (more than two weeks of 90+ temps) have decreased the quality of the cherries and we are done for the season.
    • $2.50 per pound for all cherries
    • Bring a box or container to take your fruit home.
    • I-84 East to Mosier; exit 69 and follow Rosedale signs with Hot Pink arrows.

Picking tips:

  1. Pick the dark colored fruit – this will be the sweetest.
  2. Please leave your pets at home.  Due to our food safety program, we cannot allow animals in areas where there is fruit.
  3. Please do not pick or break branches or climb in trees.  Damaging even a few small limbs impacts our crop for future years.
  4. Please respect any areas marked “no picking”.  We grow a variety of cherries other fruits and not all are ripe and ready or they may not be available for UPick.
  5. Please stay off farm equipment and do not enter shops, barns or other areas not designated as picking locations.

We are located in Mosier, Oregon.

Schedule / Cost




  • The hot temps for more than two weeks got to be too much for us and our cherries.  Closed Tuesday, July 16th for the season.
  • $2.50 per pound for cherries.
  • Bring a box/container to take fruit home.
  • 1027 Root Rd, Mosier, Oregon



Early Season

880 Huskey Road, Mosier, Oregon (CLOSED for 2024)


  • A large, dark sweet cherry.  An early maturing variety. (FINISHED)

Early Robin

  • A large blush cherry.  Similar to a Rainier, but ripens two weeks earlier. (FINISHED FOR 2024)


Mid - Late Season - (CLOSED FOR 2024)

1027 Root Road, Mosier, Oregon 

Black Pearl (done)

  • A large, dark sweet cherry.  Firm and Flavorful.  A mid season variety.


  • Early Robin (done)

    • A very large, yellow sweet cherry.  A mid season variety.

Sonata (done)

  • A very large, dark sweet cherry.  A mid season variety.

Bing (done)

  • A large, dark sweet cherry.  Ready late June/early July

Rainier (done)

  • A large blush cherry. Late June/early July.

Montmorency & Balaton (done)

    • A tart/sour cherry.  Classic pie cherry.  Great dried or juicing.  Mid-late season varieties.

Apricots (mid July - No UPick this year due to limited supply

  • Apricots are light this year (2024) - May not have any for Pick.

Skeena (done)

  • A large, dark sweet cherry.  Excellent fresh, frozen or dried.   Ripens after Bing by about a week - Early July

 Attika (Kordia) (done)

  • A flavorful, sweet, very dark cherry.   Excellent fresh, frozen or dried. Late June/early July.

Regina (done)

  • A large, dark sweet cherry.  Firm with long stems.  Excellent for eating fresh or freezing.  Ripens two weeks after Bing - middle July

Peaches (Starting week of July 17th)

  • Early RedHaven is semi freestone.  Excellent peach for flavor and texture.
  • Rising Star - semi freestone.  Good flavor.


Rosedale Fruit Farm is located in Mosier, Oregon.

Two locations in the scenic Mosier Valley.

We have two locations nestled in the Mosier Valley.  We are about an hour east of Portland, exit 69 off of I-84.  Follow our "Rosedale UPick" signs with the Hot Pink arrows when you arrive in Mosier.

 Early Season cherries are located at 880 Huskey Road in Mosier.

Peaches and Apricots and  Mid to Late Season cherries are located at 1027 Root Road in Mosier.

For frequent updates, like us on Facebook.   Text or call 503-512-9089